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Project Management:

Shawn Gauthier

Gauthier Skilled Craftsman LLC


    Additions, Decks, and More...

Providing Quality home improvement for Glens Falls and the surrounding areas


Thank you for all your hard work. You're  awesome! We'll gladly recommend you to anyone, even though your work speaks for itself! We'll be proud to have people visit now. You're an artist.

-Cathy and John Fabraio

Shawn is hard-working and determined to get the job done to perfection. He listens to your ideas and works in a timely fashion. He is reliable and accommodating. The Hayes family highly recommends him! We are already on job number three with him!

                                                                              -Tina Hayes

Just taking the time to make it right, improves everthing.
Changing your life in accordance to your wants.
Something for the owner and guests to enjoy.

The satisfaction we get from providing you with quality when you sit and enjoy.

A letter from a wonderful woman, a pleasure to make happy.